Seeking Chair for 2025 ASCA Nationals in Nevada

Dear ASCA Members,
Our 2025 National Specialty is set to take place at the Winnemucca Events Complex in Nevada from September 19-27, 2025. We’re searching for a dedicated member to take the lead as the National Specialty Chair. Interested in steering this important event? We’d love to hear from you!

The role of the National Specialty Chair is multifaceted. This individual:

  • Oversees the entire National Specialty with the guidance of the Nationals Advisory Committee.
  • Coordinates with event chairs to establish and manage the budget.
  • Approves all expenses and ensures budget compliance.
  • Equips event chairs with resources for smooth operations.
  • Acts as the primary troubleshooter, ensuring challenges are swiftly addressed.
  • Manages potential conflicts to maintain a harmonious event atmosphere.

Qualifications for this position require:

  • Prior involvement in a National Specialty Committee.
  • Comprehensive understanding of ASCA’s rules and policies.
  • A commitment to providing Nationals attendees with an exceptional experience.
  • The adaptability to manage diverse tasks with grace and positivity.

Moreover, the Chair will:

  • Submit monthly updates to the ASCA President and Treasurer.
  • Collaborate with the Nationals Liaison to keep the Board informed of the event’s progression.
  • Handle financial responsibilities, including funds collection, ledger maintenance, expense payments, and finalizing the income statement. In line with the National Specialty Rules, ASCA will bond the selected Chair for these tasks.

Please note, residing in Nevada is not a prerequisite for this role.

If you envision yourself shaping the 2025 ASCA National Specialty, send your letter of interest/resume detailing your experience and suitability for this role to ASCA’s Executive Secretary, Kalla Jaco, at by September 15, 2023.

Embrace this opportunity to make an impactful contribution to our community!

Kalla Jaco
ASCA Executive Secretary