Seeking Members for ASCA’s Finance Advisory Panel

The Board is seeking volunteers to serve on the Finance Advisory Panel. The duties of this panel include, but are not limited to, oversight of ASCA’s financial position, review of all financial reporting prior to review by the Board, submission of new panel member nominations when needed, and any additional duties assigned by the Board. The panel will be responsible for all financial analyses and recommendations to the Board, but the Board will have final approval.

Members include the ASCA President, ASCA Treasurer, one other ASCA Director, and up to three other ASCA members with special financial expertise.

Members will serve a term of two years. We are looking for members with experience in banking, financial planning, or any financial aspect in the corporate world. Experience as a Chief Financial Officer would be a plus.

Please contact with any questions or to submit your resume for consideration. The deadline is January 15, 2023.

Thank you,
Kalla Jaco
ASCA Executive Secretary