Title photos for website

All photos that were sent to me for any of the pages, example – WTCH, HOF etc are up on the website. The only ones that are not are the ones I have contacted the individual about more information. If you visit the site and don’t see a photo that you originally sent to me, then I did not receive the photo. Please resubmit with the information listed below.

If you are interested in having a photo put on the website I need them submitted the following way:
One dog per email with the following information:

In subject line – date and title achieved. (example 2016 WTCH or 2010 PCH)
Dogs full registered name, Owner and date the title was issued for the following pages:
Farm Trial Champion
Master Tracker

In subject line – Title Achieved (Example HOF Dam)
Dogs full registered name, Owner and number listed on the website for the following pages:
HOF Sires
HOF Dams

Please remember the titles will not be updated once the dog has achieved the title and are listed. Please also, if I have a photo for the dog with the title on the website, don’t ask me to change it. If the photo isn’t up there yet, that is fine but once the photo is up, we prefer to not change it.

Please send photo and information to webmaster@asca.org. I will resend a reply once I have gotten the image. If you have any questions, please also write the webmaster address.

Thank you,

Heidi Mobley
ASCA Webmaster