Tracking Committee News

Tracking Committee
Liaison: Jan Wesen –
Chair: Jacqueline Tinker (2024)
Region 1: Lisa Klein (2023), Maia Halvorsen (2024)
Region 2:
Region 3:
Region 4:  Joyce Charron (2024), Beth MacLehose (2024), Sandra Hawkins (2023)
Region 5:
Region 6: Laurie Shuren (2023)
Region 7: Marja Teegelbeckers (2023)

The tracking committee is currently looking at adding either a Beginner Tracking title and/or and Introduction to tracking.  We are currently talking about what a Beginner Tracking title could look like and if it would increase interest in the sport of tracking.

Ideas and discussion for the Beginning Tracking title include:

  1. Having 0, 1 or 2 turns.
  2. Who can judge the test
  3. Should it be plotted the day before or the day of or leave an option for either way
  4. How long should the track be
  5. Should there be a start article
  6. Should the handler be allowed to carry food/toys to reward the dog at the end of the track

Please contact the committee if you have ideas or feelings about an introduction or beginning tracking title.

Please also contact us if you would like help organizing a tracking test in your area. We would love to help!

My email is Jacqueline Tinker or you can email the ASCA office manager and he will forward your ideas to the committee ( The ASCA list for tracking is also a good place to go. The tracking committee has set up so that interested members can give input to the tracking committee, and be posted current motions and topics under discussion in the committee.

To join the group contact:  Jacqueline Tinker

Or you can get in touch with your local tracking committee member listed above.