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The Obedience Committee would like to keep members current with rule changes that have been approved. We cover many topics throughout the year and are always looking for members input. If you have suggestions for the ASCA Obedience Program, please contact an Obedience Committee member and they will be happy to take your suggestion to the committee.  The Obedience Chair can be reached at Betsy Coleman

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Changes to the Obedience Rules that will take effect on June 1, 2020, can be found below:
Changes to 2020 Obedience Program Rules

Effective March 1st 2021

Back-Up Judge System:

The sanctioned judge (Chief Judge) should notify the club in advance that they wish to enter a dog(s) in an event they are assigned to judge to allow the host club time to find a back-up judge. The host club can designate a back-up judge if one is available. The Back-Up Judge is an ASCA approved judge who is willing to volunteer their time to judge the Chief Judge at the trial. The Chief Judge shall be the overall authority for judging the event for which they are assigned; a dog owned by the Chief Judge may compete only under the assigned back-up Judge. The Back-Up Judge may only officiate for the Chief Judge. Judges are prohibited from interrupting their judging assignment in order to exhibit. Judges who are exhibiting their dog(s) must either exhibit first before all other entered exhibitors or exhibit last after all exhibitors regardless of which class(es) they are entered in.

Chief Judges may enter their own dogs in the event in which they are assigned only for the purposes of obtaining qualifying scores and titles, and their scores will count toward merit and finals standings. Chief Judges showing under the Back-Up Judge will not be eligible for placements, high in trial, or high combined, nor will their entry be counted toward any limitation on entries for the trial. The back-up judge program may be used at any ASCA sanctioned obedience trial with the exception of ASCA Nationals. The back-up judge program may NOT be used at ASCA Nationals, Finals, or any pre-trials being held during the National Specialty event. The Obedience Committee will consider its implementation for Nationals and Nationals pre-trials after a two-year trial period (June 2023).

The Back-Up Judge’s dog(s) will be eligible for qualifying scores and titles as well as placements and awards in the class(es) they are entered.

Emergency Replacement of Back-Up Judge:

Should an assigned Back-Up Judge fail to appear at an event in which they were assigned as the designated Back-Up Judge there will be no emergency replacement of the Back-Up Judge’s assignment if there is no other fully licensed judge at the event willing to judge the Chief Judge. In this case, the Chief Judge would be unable to show but would fulfill their judging assignment. If a fully licensed judge is in attendance at an event where the assigned back-up judge did not appear, the judge in attendance may serve as the Back-Up Judge. Clubs must note the change in Back-Up judges and provide a detailed explanation of the circumstances in their event report.

Scoring of Chief Judge by Back-Up Judge:
The Chief Judge will be scored on a separate judge’s workbook which will be clearly marked “Back-Up Judge System” at the top. This will keep the scores separate from the placements yet allow the ASCA business office to enter them into the system for titles, merit awards and finals.