Updated Breed Panel from Paw Print Genetics

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I’m happy to share with you the below message from Paw Print Genetics regarding their updated Essential Panel for Australian Shepherds.

Please contact PPG with any questions.

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We Have Updated Your Breed Panel

In an effort to make sure that we are recommending the most important tests for your breed, we recently did an audit of all the tests offered for your breed, examining the frequency in which we are finding carrier dogs. This was done in an effort to make sure that we are offering the most critical tests for your breed in your Essential Panel and remove any tests that we are finding as rare.  Any changes in your panel is aimed at producing the most cost effective panel that contains only the most critical tests for your breeding dogs.  Only those tests for which we have found a carrier frequency of greater than 1%, or the condition has severe symptoms that are treatable, are now included in your breed’s Essential Panel. Please take a moment to review your Essential Panel. Any tests that were removed from the Essential Panel can be found in the Additional Diseases or Supplemental Panel for your breed. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

For orders placed prior to this change, you will get the tests included in the previous panel. If you want any changes to these orders, please call us. We would be happy to make any necessary adjustments to orders for which we have not yet received the samples.


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