Virtual Titling Program

The Virtual Performance titling program is designed to allow exhibitors and their dogs to compete in ASCA Performance events during times when we need to practice social distancing, and when trials are few and far between. It also offers a new opportunity for exhibitors living in areas where there may not be traditional ASCA events. The virtual trial is a great way to start young dogs and give them ring experience before entering traditional in-person trials.

The program is designed to have the competitor set up a ring using a pre-designed course map or ring layout, record the team’s performance, and submit it to ASCA. In turn, ASCA will assign a pre-selected ASCA Judge to virtually review and score the team’s performance.

Currently, this program is for Rally and Obedience. Additional levels will be added in a timely fashion.

Please read the general information and frequently asked question pages for more information. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Virtual Title Clerk at

We are excited to offer this program and look forward to it continuing to grow.