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Questions about QT Number and Service Membership? Here are a few of our FAQ:

Question:  What is the difference between a Full Membership and a Service membership?
Answer: Service membership is just a basic membership that does not come with voting privileges or the Aussie Times, our bi-monthly magazine, and you must pay full price for our registry services.  We recommend Service membership for anyone who will rarely use our registry services.  If you are registering your dog with a QT number to compete in ASCA trials, for instance, this is a good option for you.
Full members receive extra benefits such as voting privileges (Board members are voted on once per year) and 50% off the cost of registry services (dog and litter registrations, transfers, leases, etc.).  Full Single or Dual yearly members will receive the Aussie Times magazine, as well as have digital access through the member portal, for 1 year.  Lifetime Single or Dual members will only have digital access to the Aussie Times magazine for life, but can receive the mailed subscription for an additional yearly fee.  We recommend that if you will be using our registry services on a regular basis, to choose the Full membership, which will save in registry costs in the long run.

Question: I would like to compete in the ASCA trialing program, but my dog is not an Aussie. How can I compete in ASCA trials?
Answer: You do not need a QT number in order to compete in Agility, Stock or UAD events unless you want to earn ASCA titles. You will need a QT number to enter an Obedience Trial, Rally Trial, Tracking Test or ASCA Sanctioned Dock Jumping. Your dog does not have to be a purebred to receive a QT number from ASCA.

Question: How much does it cost to obtain a QT number?
Answer: You must be some type of member to obtain a QT number, the minimum requirements being a Service Membership. The cost for Service Membership is $20 per owner and expires after one year. This membership does not need to be renewed unless you are going to register another dog after your membership has expired. You must also pay a QT number fee of $20 per dog. The total cost to receive a QT number for one owner is $40 for one dog, $60 for two dogs, $80 for three dogs, etc.