Kuranda Dog Beds Interview with Jillian Ward

Kuranda visits with Jillian Ward an ASCA Hall of Fame Excellent breeder and owner of Day of Show Products

“The first reason why everybody buys a Kuranda Bed is because they’re pretty indestructible but being chew proof was not the reason that I originally was attracted to Kuranda Beds.”

Dogs like to be up on top of things and the fact that there can be airflow around is also advantageous. Not one time have I had a dog get a callus and I attribute it to them being able to get up off the ground. If I were to put hard sided crate in a kennel, they would lay inside of it but they would actually prefer to lay on top of it. The notion of a raised bed just made sense to me. I didn’t realize all of the benefits up front. It’s a little bit like if you went to La-Z-Boy and picked a chair, you can customize it to your liking and for your dog’s needs. There are options in the construction, you can get a pretty bed for in the house with a choice of fabrics (and pads) and then you can get a sturdier bed for in the kennel. I have had my outdoor beds in my kennels in excess of 12 or 13 years now. I have used a variety of different fabrics for my dogs. I have used the mesh for kennels. I have used ballistic nylon for my geriatric dogs, they really like that. For outside I use the 40-ounce vinyl.”

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