Cee Hambo Award

Junior Showmanship

Cee Hambo Educational Scholarship Fund:

The Cee Hambo Educational Scholarship is a scholarship granted by The ASCA Foundation, ASCA’s tax-deductible charitable foundation. The ASCA Foundation is a Texas nonprofit corporation which has been granted tax-exempt status as a charitable foundation pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Sec. 501 (c) (3). The Cee Hambo Educational Scholarship Fund is one of the Funds administered by The ASCA Foundation. Its intent is to provide scholarship funds to individuals with a background in Australian Shepherds seeking to extend their education beyond high school (this applies to college or trade/craft school). The fund was originally established by Cee Hambo, after whom the Fund is named. The vision of this Fund is to develop assets so that individuals will be funded for the duration of their schooling. The Board of Directors of The ASCA Foundation (Board) consists of the same individuals who comprise the Board of Directors of the Australian Shepherd Club of America.


The Cee Hambo Educational Scholarship Fund has been created exclusively to make distributions to educational organizations that qualify as tax-exempt organizations. Its purpose is to provide scholarship funds for individuals to pay for post-high-school advanced education, including college and trade schools. The Board may receive and accept property, whether real, personal, or mixed, by way of gift, bequest, or devise, from any person, firm, trust, or corporation, to be held, administered, and disposed of in accordance with and pursuant to the provisions of this document; but no gift, bequest, or devise of any such property shall be received or accepted if it is conditioned in any such manner.


Individuals who are eligible to have funds paid from the Scholarship Fund on their behalf to educational institutions shall meet the following criteria: All individuals shall at the time of application for any scholarship funds, have:

• Obtained the grade of sophomore in high school or equivalent;
• Been associated with the raising, handling, caring, and/or showing of Australian Shepherd dogs;
• Demonstrated their accomplishments, awards, and activities associated with Australian Shepherds.
• Not exceeded the age of twenty-five (25) on the date the application is received.

Applications are collected year-round and forwarded to the selection committee, with a decision to be made one month before the National Specialty. The winner is announced at the National Specialty.


The Board shall establish a Committee, consisting of at least one of its Directors, together with outside interested parties. Priority in appointment shall be given to academic educators and long-standing and active members of the Australian Shepherd Club of America. This committee shall screen all application and recommend qualified individuals to the Board for awards in the amounts established by the Board for that year.

(a) In no event shall any individual on the Committee participate in the decision-making process in the event that an applicant is related to said, individual. If any applicant is related to any Director of the ASCA Foundation, said Director shall recluse himself or herself from any activities or decisions in connection therewith.
(b) The Board may establish other specific criteria for applications or may make any such additional restrictions and conditions as it deems necessary, but in no event should any of the conditions contained herein be abrogated.


The Board shall act on the Committee’s recommendations, awarding scholarships at least bi-annually (once every two years). Funds must go directly to the educational institution, and NOT to the applicant. Income or principal derived from contributions by corporations shall be distributed by the Board for use solely within the United States or its possessions. Funds can only be distributed upon a vote of the Board of Directors, as reflected in its minutes. The ASCA Foundation Board shall collect applications year-round and forward to the selection committee, which shall make the official decision one month before the National Specialty. The winner shall be announced at the National Specialty.

Cee Hambo Application

2008 – Janelle Farkas
2009 – Lindsay Grinels
2011 – Katelyn Scott
2012 – Madison Wheeler
2013 – Mekenna Smith
2017 – Katielyn Miller
2018 – Bayley Williams, Breann Ellis
2019 – Mackenzie Mobley, Lindsey Lund, Madison Williams, and Rylee Carlon
2020 – Elizabeth Crandall and Amanda Swanson
2021 – Rylee Carlon
2022 – Rylee Carlon and Amanda Swanson