Libby Long Memorial Obedience Award

Junior Showmanship

The purpose of the Libby Long Obedience award is to celebrate the accomplishments of our next generation of obedience competitors and encourage junior handlers to participate in ASCA Obedience events. The award was established to honor the memory of long-time ASCA Obedience supporter Donna Long and her dog Libby, who both passed away in 2019. It rewards participation in ASCA Obedience with an annual year-end award of $500. Application for the award is open to all junior handlers, in good standing with ASCA, between the ages of 9 and 18, who have competed in ASCA Obedience events between June 1 and May 31 of the year in which the application is to be considered. Applicants must provide verification of enrollment in, or graduation from an accredited public, private, online or home school program.

Applicants will be evaluated using a point schedule and points will be awarded based on degree and level of participation in ASCA obedience events. Categories to be evaluated include: achievement in ASCA obedience competition, general participation in obedience, and academic proficiency. Applicants will submit a written essay to be assessed by a committee of no less than three members. Verification (if required) must include the signature of a parent, instructor, trial secretary or 4-H Leader. Please see ASCA’s Foundation Policy Book – Chapter 7 for more information.

Points for Achievement in ASCA Obedience Competition
Competing in an ASCA obedience class with non-qualifying score  5
Competing in an ASCA obedience class with a qualifying score  10
High Scoring Junior, High Point Award  20
High in Trial, High Combined  25
BN title completion  25
CD, GN title completion  30
CDX/ODX title completion  50
UD title completion  75
UDX Leg (qualifying scores in Open B and Utility B at the same trial)  75
UDX title completion  250
OTCH title completion  250

Points for General Participation in Obedience
*Verified participation in County or State 4-H Dog Obedience  10
Verified enrollment in Obedience Training Classes  10
Verified ring stewarding assignment at an ASCA Obedience trial  10

*Rationale: For many junior handlers, particularly those in rural communities or those with financial limitations, 4-H provides an opportunity that might not otherwise be available. Many juniors start in 4-H and then move on to other more competitive venues such as ASCA. In keeping with the purpose of this award, encouraging the next generation of obedience and rally competitors, the committee agrees it is important to recognize participation in dog 4-H.

Points for Academic Proficiency
Verified enrollment in, or graduation from an accredited public, private, online or home school program.  10
Applicants must submit a written essay of 500 words. Essays will be assessed on the basis of organization, content and conventions (spelling, punctuation and grammar)  0-50

Link to Application: Libby Long Memorial Obedience Award Application

Past Recipients

2021: Ava Fischer and Emily Josse
2022: Ava Fischer